Greetings and Welcome

You’ve discovered the world of a Serial Entrepreneur. This site provides a look into the world of business that I thoroughly enjoy, and my efforts in working with both entrepreneurs and the investment community.

Additionally, it functions as a channel for sharing business perspectives, expressing personal philosophy, and highlighting observations. I hope you find value here.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have an insatiable curiosity for business, for experiencing different cultures, and for the peace of mind that comes when you can achieve a sustained balance in both hard work and intense recreation.

Not one to embrace the status quo, and in my effort to stay current and relevant, I pay attention to the global strategic landscape to understand the trends and patterns that lead the way to professional opportunity and personal growth.

For most of my professional life, I have had the good fortune to participate in domestic and international organizations from concept through later stages of growth, mergers & acquisitions, and IPOs. Through these experiences, I count myself fortunate to have gained a wealth of experience in the investment, management and operating disciplines that help entrepreneurs and executive teams realize the full potential of their business.